We're Back!!

We just returned from an amazing trip to Colorado where we received training on our new 3d software. While there we learned how to make and saw some amazing signs in ski country down by the Breckenridge slopes. Friends and fellow sign-makers Roger Cox and Periandros Damoulis were kind enough to invite me to help out for a couple of days and learn some of the techniques they use to create their award winning designs. Before returning home we flew to Cincinatti to be a part of Letterhead 40, a gathering of the most famous sign makers from around the world to teach and learn from one another and most of all have fun! It was a tremendous experience all around and we are totally pumped to bring all that we had the pleasure of learning and experiencing to our upcoming sign projects. Now is a good time to stop by and let us design for you a world class handcrafted sign

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Bigger is Sometimes Better


We just did this incredibly large crest for a local private school. It measures 8ft wide by 12ft high. It really brings to life an empty wall on campus and gives the school a much larger street presence. It's hand crafted from a spongy foam with an extremely durable outer coating. You could literally pound it with a hammer and it will bounce back looking like new.

Expect Delays

This month we will be traveling to Denver to learn some exciting new ways to make unique carved signs. We will also be a part of a great sign tradition when we then travel to Cincinnati to be a part of Letterhead 40. It will be a gathering of all the worlds best sign craftsmen all eager to share their talents in workshops and demonstrations. We expect to come back refreshed and inspired with a lot of new ideas and skills. We ask you to please be patient. We will do our best to process orders in production and help customers in a timely manner but please be advised that turn around times, returned phone calls and emails will be delayed for the foreseeable future.

Sculpt Nouveau Metallic Finishes

We are always looking for new ways to make our signs better and better. Today we attended a workshop taught by husband/wife team Debbie and Ron Young that has created an amazing series of paints, dyes and patinas that can make any surface look like aged metal. The companies name is Sculpt Nouveau out of Escondido California, www.scuptnouveau.com. I thank Debbie and Ron for bringing these amazing products to our attention and spending the time to show us how to create amazing and beautiful patinas and metallic finishes. We look forward to creating some amazing handcrafted signs with these finishes in the near future.