Brookside Fire Company Celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a New Sign!

Because of the work we have done for a number of other local fire stations,  BETC#1 chose us to design and build a sign for the new fire station before their 100 Anniversary Celebration this coming July 4. Brookside is a proud historic district within Menham Township NJ that is listed on both the state and national register of historic places. They were looking for a dimensional sign that would complement the charm of this historic community. Using modern and traditional methods we created this handsome carved sign that features raised 23K gold leaf prismatic letters against a traditional black smalts (crushed glass) background, the center featuring a traditional Maltese Cross with a hammered finish and a palladium gold 1. With the help of Ladder Truck 43 on loan from Randolph Fire Dept., we got the job done. Thanks to everyone that was on hand to help out, operate the equipment and coordinate. The volunteers are a great bunch of guys! If you would like to help them usher in another 100yrs, visit the station's website at