If you are local, you may have noticed that our sign has been missing for a while. Well the poor old girl was 7 years old and beginning to show her age when Hurricane Sandy came around and tossed the poor girl around. She bravely made it through the storm in one piece but had a few more dents and scratches as a result. well we decided it was time a little R&R (Restoration and Renovation). We repaired all the dents and scratches, repainted the white surfaces, reguilded the gold letters with the best gold leaf available imported from Italy and 23.75K pure.  For the blue background we decided to upgrade the old girl with an old fashioned technique call smalts. Smalts is crushed glass imported from Germany which when applied to a sign gives it a beautiful sparkling appearance. 100 years ago, it was the background of the boards to cover the boards defects, extend the life of the sign and give it the beautiful spartling appearance.  Win, Win Win.   It came out so nice I think I will be using this technique for more signs in the future. Come by and take a look!