Spreading like Wildfire

It seems like the word is spreading that we take good care of our local Fire and Rescue Companies. This week we are pleased to announce that we will be beginning work on a new fire company project for the Township of Menham for its Brookside Fire Company, Engine 1. which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this 4th of July. We are very proud that our custom carved sign will be part of the celebration. The sign will be 4ft high by 21ft long and have all the bells and whistles, raised prismatic gold leaf lettering, aluminum leaf lettering, two styles of hammered finish and of course smaltz. Working with former President of the company Jon Roth was a real pleasure for which we created a truly classical dimensional sign design. My favorite element of the sign is the way we were able to bridge ENGINE over the traditional Maltese Cross with the help of our Enroute 3d software. To help the membership visualize the proposed sign we worked up a scale model which they really appreciated and thanked us by unanimously voting to go ahead with the sign. Thanks Guys!