We Travel the World Learning How to Make Better Signs for You!


This week we had the honor and privilege of visiting the best, most award winning sign company in all of Europe, Timber Signs in Ofterschwang Germany in the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Founders, Manfred Dider and Markus Goebels graciously welcomed us into their workshop where we could see first hand how they create their award winning creations. It was a thrill to see these master craftsmen at work and to speak with them in person about the techniques, products and practices that have made them one of the top dimensional sign companies in the world. Thank you Manfred and Markus for sharing a few of your secrets and a bit of your very valuable time! Later in this trip we will be meeting with Manfred and Marcus again at a workshop they will be hosting at the 41st Annual Letterheads meet in Amsterdam, NL, can't wait....

Above is a photo of the craftsmen and a few examples of the signs that made them famous!