Fire Dept. Gets New Sign

This week we were proud to give our local Fire Dept the kind of sign these brave volunteers deserve. Our goals were to reuse the massive brick pillars that anchored the old sign and produce a sign Basking Ridge's Bravest would be proud to take their picture in front of. The 6" thick sign is built to last and look great for a long time. It features a 3d Maltese Cross using imported smaltz (inlayed crushed glass) which gives this crest a magical sparkle in the sunlight. The lettering is carved and gold leafed using 9 1/2 Sq. Ft  (1.75 grams) of the finest imported Italian gold. We always like to put extra effort into our local projects as a way to give back to the community! If you would liketo contribute to the Dept., visit them on their website at or stop by and take a look at our sign on the way in.