Local Courtroom gets a Facelift and a New Sign

This year we have been blessed to do several local community projects. Our latest is a 4ft diameter carved seal for the newly renovated Basking Ridge Municipal Court. This was an interesting project, in that we got to try out a new process for creating realistic metal finishes on a lightweight carveable panel. For this project, the municipality chose a corroded bronze finish that we created using a metal infused paint. Seven layerers of paint were required to achieve this affect. Our final step involves spraying the piece with an acid solution accelerating the corrosion process, creating the aged metal look.  The designers were interested in bronze because the green corroded surface went so well with the green they had planned  for the wall behind the dais. The new courtroom looks great and we are proud to be a part of the effort.  It is especially gratifying to do a local project that enhances the beauty of our home town!